SC Aquarium Finally Hosting a Fishing Tournament

Charleston SC AquariumExcited local fisherman gathered at the State House last night after the South Carolina General Assembly finally approved a fishing tournament at the SC Aquarium in Charleston.  Anglers from all over the region have been pushing for this event since the Lowcountry attraction opened in May of 2000. 

Intended to inspire conservation and to be used as an educational tool, the Aquarium is home to a variety of fish species, exotic plants, rare birds, reptiles, mammals, insects, and other wildlife creatures.

Aquarium spokesman Walter Capps hopes the event will bring an awareness of our delicate ecosystem and regional fish habitat. Charleston resident and fishing enthusiast Jamie Catoe hopes the event will bring him a freezer full of tasty fish.  “We have a 70 million dollar fishing tank and they expect me to pay them money to walk around and just look at the fish?  Yeah . . . . that ain’t gonna happen.   But I will pay them $20 to fish.  Hell, I’ll pay em $50 for a shot at that albino alligator” said Mr. Catoe.  Aquarium officials claim they have no plans to have any organized hunts since many of the animals are rare and very popular with visitors.

Organizers of the fishing tournament hope to have the event scheduled by the end of the month.  Aquarium officials plan to limit the fishing to just the Great Ocean Tank, a two story, 385,000 gallon saltwater “fishing hole”.  Proceeds of the tournament will benefit local conservation organizations, specifically ones that preserve nature so that people can kill more animals.  Further details will be available very soon.

Mayor Thrilled with City Hall’s New Waterslide

Charleston’s acclaimed 19th century architect Gabriel Manigault  is credited with some of our most treasured historical buildings; the Joseph Manigault House, The William Blacklock House, and of course his crowning achievement, Charleston’s City Hall (circa 1801).  19th century architecture insiders are claiming that Gabriel Manigault would be very intrigued by the latest addition to his masterpiece, two 35 foot waterslides leading from the front stoop of City Hall down to Broad Street.

Joseph P. Riley, Charleston’s long standing mayor (since 1975), is considered by many to be responsible for countless local preservation efforts and as well as this Southern town’s ultimate visionary.  His recent vision obviously included a whimsical amusement ride that would help him beat the summer heat. 

We tried to catch up with Mayor Riley during yesterday’s inaugural launch of the new amusement, but he was too caught up in the moment to make a statement.  During his lunch break, the Mayor made 47 trips down the slide, undoubtedly having a wonderful time with his new recreational amenity.  Refusing to talk with reporters, all we could hear were the sounds of running water, shrieks of laughter, and the Mayor repeatedly shouting, “Weeeeeeee, just havin’ fun!!!”.

City Hall’s new amusement ride is currently available to only the Mayor but there are rumored discussions about opening it up to locals and visitors next summer.

“Weather Victim” sues Mother Nature

The Bulldog Buzz unveiled court documents regarding a recent lawsuit filed by a tourist against Mother Nature.  The visitor, Angie Martin of Franklin, TN, claims Mother Nature ruined her visit to Charleston.  Ms. Martin nor her attorney returned our phone calls.

Read the following “Plaintiff Statement” for further details regarding Ms. Martin’s charges:

Mother Nature’s spokesperson Bill Sharp, out of their Washington DC office, commented, “We are very sorry Ms. Martin was unhappy with her experience in Charleston.  We try to provide a variety of weather conditions but it’s impossible to please everybody all the time.  And FYI, tell the folks down there in ‘Our Favorite City” that there’s no need to sweat hurricane season this year.  With the economy in such bad shape, our storm budget is shot all to hell and we just don’t have the resources to make it happen this year.  We know how y’all love to throw those ‘Hurricane Parties’ but you’ll just have to come up with another reason for a social event this September.”

Courtroom Exhibit A – Photograph of the ‘Malicious Winds at Waterfront Park’



Bulldog Tours launches “Bulldog Buzz”

Greetings from Charleston’s best tour company, Bulldog Tours.  We offer a variety of history, ghost, & culinary walking tours.  We have been featured in numerous publications and television shows, including Southern Living, New York Times, The Travel Channel, A&E, Bon Appetit, Food Network, & USA Today.

We are located at 40 North Market Street in the heart of the historical district.  Come by and meet our wonderful staff, they will be glad to help you make the most of your visit. Also available by phone 843-722-8687 or visit our website for more details.

While all our tours are based on historical facts, this blog is not.  It’s purely entertainment and will hopefully provide you with a few laughs. The blog’s author is a product of the SC public education system so please do not pay attention to any grammatical or spelling mistakes.

Thanks for reading this and have a great time in Charleston.