Our Walking Tour Guides and Staff

If it was not for our walking tour guides, well, we wouldn’t have a tour company! This frightening, freaky and friendly group is responsible for Bulldog Tours being named the “Best Tour Company in Charleston”. While each walking tour guide has their own special way of scaring the crap out of you, they also all have their own way of mesmerizing you and making you feel like you are at the scene of the death of a Colonial Patriot or long lost pirate. You won’t leave our tour wondering about the haunted side of Charleston. Our tour guides will make sure you know what’s creeping around in the dark and live to tell about it!


Masterful tour guide. Been touring the historic haunted streets of Charleston for almost 20 years now. Native Charlestonian which translates into “Yes, he knows an astronomical amount of entertaining ghost stories”.


April is more than the month after March or the month before May or the month associated with lots of rain. April is a wonderful person and a seasoned veteran of our customer service team. She’s also afraid of elephants so if any elephants are thinking of taking one of our tours, please let us know.


Barbara is a docent in one of Charleston’s most haunted mansions by day, and a Charleston Ghost & Dungeon Tour Guide by night. When not giving tours, Barbara is busy with her WWF Memorabilia store on E-Bay.


Tour Guide Extraordinaire. Law Student. Ladies Man. And to his father’s dismay, Brad often spends more time with the ladies than with the law.


Brittany is more than just a friendly voice when you call to make a reservation or ask us what time our 7pm ghost tour starts. She happens to be Bulldog Tours’ most fashionable employee which involves true dedication, shopping stamina, possibly a sugar daddy, and a keen eye for the latest trend in haute couture.


Brooke is not only an amazing tour guide but also Charleston’s best dressed cowgirl.  She is a native of Texas which explains the love of country/western music and line dancing, neither of which are included in her amazing Ghost & Dungeon Tour. In her spare time she can be found volunteering at the Edmonston-Alston House, shopping on King Street, or touring with the Charleston Culinary Tours.


Catherine’s entire life has led up to her being the Manager/Leader/COO/Master of Bulldog Tours. Born in Charleston’s St. Francis hospital, raised in the streets of our historic district and Mount Pleasant, Cotillion Honor Student, Charleston Debutante, Bishop England grad, College of Charleston alum, and a Certified Small Engine Mechanic. She is our mentor, our savior, our guiding light. Catherine is truly…the wind beneath our wings.


Cathy has been walking the streets for money for almost 15 years – strictly as a tour guide. Not only can Cathy name over 100 different flowers in Charleston, she can tell a ghost story that will make the most cynical ghost “non believers” question the supernatural. Her favorite tour is the Charleston Ghost & Dungeon Walking Tour which has been featured in/on The Travel Channel, CMT, USA Today, Southern Living, and the Northwestern South Dakota Farmer’s Gazette


Catoe…is like no other. While his aristocratic pedigree dates back to Pre-Revolutionary Charleston, he is anything but refined. A phenomenal veteran tour guide that will amaze, educate, shock, and mystify those who take his DARK SIDE OF CHARLESTON TOUR!!


Clara is a native of Athens, GA, making her an instant Bulldog (Univ. of GA).  Arrived in Charleston 20+ years ago, did the “corporate thang”, and has now found her calling as a ghost tour guide.  Clara is a master of the Ghost & Dungeon, Graveyard, and the occasional history tour.  Don’t let her innocent Southern drawl fool you, she’s a closeted wild woman.


David is a native Charlestonian, school teacher, father, husband, handyman, tour guide of 13 years, and one of Charleston’s most sought after Blues Drummers. David has played with the likes of BB King, Muddy Waters, and Delbert McClinton. Truly, one of the best story tellers to ever grace the streets and alleyways of Charleston’s Haunted/Historic district.


DIANE. Where to start….tour guide, concierge, ex-restaurateur, expert cook, prior President of Charleston Tour Guide Assoc., and director of our Culinary Tours and Charleston Strolls divisions. Almost forgot, she loves rock-n-roll and she’s a really bad dancer.

Eddie the Concierge

Eddie left the Empire State in search of warmer weather, prettier women, great food, and eternal bliss. These goals were met within minutes of his arrival in Charleston and he hasn’t looked back since. Much more than The Bulldog Concierge, he is one of Charleston’s premier unofficial ambassadors and an expert in making sure visitors make the most out of their vacation.


Eric is a longtime native of SC, speaks fluent Charleston, loves history, and is an excellent storyteller. He is usually found on our Haunted Jail Tour or Ghost & Graveyard, but as our resident pirate expert, he’s our go-to-guy at the annual Blackbeard (Edward Teach) family reunion. When Eric is not entertaining at Bulldog Tours, you’ll find him out on the streets doing his own gig, Charleston Pirate Tours.


A native of Upstate South Carolina, Franny currently resides on Isle of Palms where she continues her search for sea shells, a better way of life, and surfer dudes. She is a graduate of The University of Georgia and a master storyteller.  Her hobbies include tennis, world travel, double martinis, and church socials. Giving tours at Charleston Ghost & Dungeon is merely a way for Franny to explore her evil side.


Sure, I’m the legendary tour guide, “Glenn”.  Sure, I give one of the best Haunted Jail Tours in the history of Charleston..  But honestly…sometimes…I just want to give it all up and become a handsome billionaire.


Janice used to scare people by carrying a Smith & Wesson 357 (former cop). Thankfully for Bulldog Tours, she traded in her Peace Keeper for a license to give ghost tours and now just scares people with her stories. I pitty da fool that ever crosses this woman.

John Laverne

Tour Guide. Thrill Seeker. Winner of the 2nd Grade Spelling Bee.

John Ray Laverne

Charleston’s most eligible 16 year old bachelor. John Ray stays busy charming the local surfer chicks with his guitar playin and hip fashion sense. He is often forced to go “incognito” to avoid the paparazzi. That’s the price a kid pays when being stalked by Paris Hilton. Not a tour guide yet but he will eventually dominate the streets of Charleston. He currently chills at the office and keeps our computer’s video games up to date.


Karen often makes even the most skeptical believe in ghosts. She’s a die-hard believer and her passion for ghost stories and legends is obvious. She leads our paranormal investigations of the Old City Jail too! Entering her world with the spirits beyond the grave is at your own risk!


Kim landed in Charleston via Detroit as a traveling groupie for New Kids on the Block during their World Tour 2012. When the concert was over and she realized she ran out of money, Charleston became her new home. Kim is often the pleasant voice you hear when you call Bulldog Tours and she’s always eager to help visitors get the most out of their visit.


Larry is a native of Ridgeville, a sleepy hollow about 25 miles from Chucktown. Raised by a Gullah speaking nanny that told tales of voodoo and the supernatural. After years of therapy and countless bottles of local moonshine, Larry is now able to forward these stories to those that dare listen. As we all know, ghost stories can often cause children to have nightmares and even wet their beds. For the record, therapy can cure bed wetting.


One of Charleston’s most fascinating tour guides and definitely an asset to Bulldog Tours. His tales of voodoo and Charleston’s scariest ghost stories often leave the guests wanting an escort back to their hotel room. When not scaring folks, Lawrence is usually romancing the ladies with style and fervor like no other.


Leanne is a native Charlestonian and one of Bulldog’s customer service rockstars. When not attending classes at The College of Charleston, she can be found practicing her surfing skills at Folly Beach or training for the next local MMA competition. While friendly when helping customers, Leanne has a mean powerhouse kick and left jab. No wonder she was a shoe in for the Phi Mu Sorority.


Lisa is a lifelong Charlestonian compliments of her Dad running the show at the Naval Shipyard. Thanks to Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend, the Shipyard shut down but Lisa thankfully stayed in Charleston and has been giving tours for over 20 years (since she was 8 years old).  She can be seen by day giving the Charleston Strolls Tour, and by night giving Charleston’s best ghost tours. And that’s why she lives in her car the majority of the time.


Meredith is a native Charlestonian and a vital member to our customer service team. Should you call Bulldog Tours and the voice on the other end is pure Southern innocence, you’re probably talking to Meredith. Her secret agenda to working here is to keep a watchful eye on her parents, Cathy and David, both trouble making tour guides at Bulldog.

Paul “The Pirate” Laverne

John LaVerne’s nephew. Paul looks innocent but trust me, he is bad to the bone. Legend is, he once ate ice cream for breakfast then in a “sugar rage”, crashed all his Hot Wheels into his Lego Fort. Blackbeard, meet your match.


Paulette is a native of Ohio but got to Charleston as soon as she could. FYI – you never hear of Charlestonians moving up North. Paulette was a teacher in a past life so educating and entertaining visitors to Charleston was a natural fit. When not glued to the TV watching reality shows, she can be found spooking folks on the Ghost & Dungeon or Ghost & Graveyard tours.


Sean arrived at Bulldog Tours compliments of being the winner of Ghost Hunters contest where he got to spend the night in Charleston’s most haunted building, the Old City Jail. Since that episode (Season 8 Episode 13), Sean has been a mainstay at the Haunted Jail Tour. Prior lives include being a Citadel cadet, Air Force officer, Charleston policeman, and an award winning Macarena dance instructor.


Stephen grew up in Maryland where he was taught he lived in the South. He heard the siren call of the True South and moved in 1998, realizing he’d been lied to his entire life. He’s been doing tours ever since. Stephen does ghost tours, carriage tours, house & garden tours, architecture tours, civil war tours, colonial tours and pirate tours. When not giving tours, Stephen likes to sleep.


Stu is a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery.  He was led to give ghost tours due to several dramatic encounters with Charleston’s paranormal world. Check out his Ghost & Graveyard tour for more details.

Susan D

Susan D’s original calling was to be a school teacher. After “lots and lots” of teaching she moved to Charleston to find herself still teaching kids but has added a new clientele (adults) and a new platform, Charleston’s Haunted Historic District. Other interests include Beanie Babies, cold fusion, cross-stich, quantum physics, acid rock, and cooking shows. UPDATE – one of the most requested guides for the Charleston Culinary Tours.


Suzie always knew she wanted more out of life than hair gel, sunless tanner, fake nails, and bad fashion; which is why she escaped New Jersey and became one of those “Damn Yankees” that we all adore (they keep our taxes low and amuse us at cocktail parties). Occasionally throws in a few “y’alls” for good measure. Expert in all things Charleston.


Tad is a 6th generation Charlestonian that has given ghost tours since his college days (all 7 years). In his spare time, Tad managed to become a self-made dot-com millionaire, revolutionize Charleston’s “Digital Corridor”, and for nine years in a row, make Charleston’s Most Eligible Bachelor’s List. Now married, Tad gives ghost tours as an excuse to get out of the house and to “reconnect with the people”. And by “people” we mean “pretty girls.”


Theresa is an accomplished athlete, Charleston native, marketing expert and mind reader…Oh really?…yeah, I thought that too… Ok, I will prove it. Pretty soon…you’re gonna click on a link on the top of this page. And in the near future, you too will experience what it’s like to take a tour with Charleston’s best tour company.