A Guide To Your First Charleston Food Tour Experience

You’ve just booked your first food tour.  Now what? Here’s what you need to know to act like a pro.

bulldog-tours-of-charleston-scOn our walking food tour, you will walk, talk, and taste your way through historic downtown Charleston, SC.  You will enjoy new dishes at new restaurants and make new friends along the way.  Use this quick guide to make the most out of your first tour.  You’ll be a foodie in no time.

Don’t Eat a Big Lunch or Snack Prior to the Tour
You’ll want to leave room for as much delicious food as your stomach can hold. And if your stomach is growling prior to the tour, it will make everything taste that much better.


A Charleston Walking Tour = Blister Potential (just kidding)

But seriously, you should wear comfortable shoes, clothes, etc and leave large bags/purses at home.  This is not a formal event and whoever has the highest heels is not the winner.  Remember, you will be walking everywhere, and each tour will visit a variety of restaurants and specialty shops, so make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Don’t Drink Too Much During the Food Tour
The focus of our food tours is the food but feel free to order an alcoholic drink if you like.  Might not want to get sloshed on the tour because alcohol will dull the taste of everything and fill you up.  If sport drinking sounds like more fun than food, check out our amazing Pub Tour.

Prepare Your Hashtag Game
We all love taking photos of beautifully prepared dishes and posting to social media. Do some research beforehand and find a few popular foodie hashtags, either locally, nationally, or tour company specific (#bulldogtours). Always take a photo before you eat (see photo below). No one wants to see a pile of half eaten food on your plate. Don’t forget to bring your phone fully charged.

walking-food-tours-of-charleston-south-carolinaFood Allergies
Please let us know the day before your tour if you have any food allergies or mobility issues.  We will do our best to accommodate all requests.

A Charleston Food Tour IS a Social Event
Most folks bring a partner on a food tour, but food brings people together, even strangers.  Casual conversation around the dinner table will make fast friends.

Lowcountry-Food-tour-of-Charleston-South-CarolinaTipping Etiquette is Important
We take pride in having the best trained, most knowledgeable and friendliest tour guides in town.  If you loved your tour, a gratuity is always appreciated (but not required).

And last but not least, you are going to have more fun you and thought possible. Food tours are a great date night activity and you didn’t have to lift a finger.

Bon Appetit!

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