“Weather Victim” sues Mother Nature

The Bulldog Buzz unveiled court documents regarding a recent lawsuit filed by a tourist against Mother Nature.  The visitor, Angie Martin of Franklin, TN, claims Mother Nature ruined her visit to Charleston.  Ms. Martin nor her attorney returned our phone calls.

Read the following “Plaintiff Statement” for further details regarding Ms. Martin’s charges:

Mother Nature’s spokesperson Bill Sharp, out of their Washington DC office, commented, “We are very sorry Ms. Martin was unhappy with her experience in Charleston.  We try to provide a variety of weather conditions but it’s impossible to please everybody all the time.  And FYI, tell the folks down there in ‘Our Favorite City” that there’s no need to sweat hurricane season this year.  With the economy in such bad shape, our storm budget is shot all to hell and we just don’t have the resources to make it happen this year.  We know how y’all love to throw those ‘Hurricane Parties’ but you’ll just have to come up with another reason for a social event this September.”

Courtroom Exhibit A – Photograph of the ‘Malicious Winds at Waterfront Park’