The Best Videos of Charleston’s Old City Jail

Charleston’s Old City Jail, one of the most haunted historical buildings in our country, has certainly caught the eye of Hollywood’s travel and paranormal fanatics. The jail first graced the silver screen in the mini-series, “Glory,” highlighting its use as an insane asylum during the Civil War. In recent years the jail has been investigated by “Ghost Hunters,” “Ghost Adventures,” “Paranormal State,” The Travel Channel, and “Ghost Brothers.” All the shows agreed: the jail is haunted!

When “Ghost Hunters” investigated the jail, scratches appeared on all the investigators’ bodies during this episode. A black mass also passed by on camera. They concluded the building was definitely haunted, and guests needed to treat it with respect because evil people were held there in life and their spirits should be treated as evil afterlife as well.

When “Ghost Adventures” explored Charleston’s most haunted building, they were successful in finding some very creepy evidence of what they believe is the ghost of Lavinia Fisher on their sound monitors. Check out the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” show at the Old City Jail in 2011.

Paranormal State” claimed they were in contact with the spirits of enslaved African Americans that were imprisoned in the jail. They said they found ghosts that felt as though they were being tortured and held against their will.

Samantha Brown of The Travel Channel toured the jail, saying “If you’re gonna be scared to death in the South, Bulldog Tours leads the most frightening ghost tour in all of Charleston, the Old City Jail.”

Some other notable videos regarding the jail are:

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Charleston Wins “Best Looking Tourists” Award ! !

Charleston SC VisitorOn the heels ofCharleston being voted “Top City in the U.S.” in the 2011 Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards, we have been bestowed with another equally impressive award, “The Most Attractive Tourists in America”.  Voted by the readers of Beautiful People Illustrated, Charleston edged out numerous fashionable cities including Omaha, Detroit, Cincinnati, and Myrtle Beach. 

Long regarded as one of the South’s most cosmopolitan cities, Charlestonians have always taken pride in how they look.  Apparently, our guests share this pride when they vacation in Charleston.  

Charleston SC Traveler

We caught up with Charleston native and celebrity fashion designer, Robert Pilch, that commented, “Our guests are redefining the meaning of ‘travel wardrobes’ and they are just looking fab-u-lous.  We are just lovin’ all the folks with perfectly symmetrical facial features, high cheekbones, spectacular hair, darling accessories, all paired with the latest in haute couture fashion.  Nothing like a beautiful man on vacation with tailored clothes, swimmer’s build, bronzed skin, and . . . Please excuse me, I’m feeling a little woozy and need to get a glass of water“.

Myrtle Beach Tourists

This highly coveted award has been a yearly source of frustration for Myrtle Beach, our neighbor just 100 miles up the coast.  Their 2011 ranking dropped to # 739 from last years’ # 688 (out of 740 mentioned U.S. vacation spots).  Fashion insiders believe the Grand Strand’s downfall was due to their recent marketing campaign, “Visit Myrtle Beach, Where Half Shirts and Cut-Offs are Still Cool”.

Myrtle Beach’s Convention and Visitors Bureau could not be reached for comment.

Visitor Tired of Only Seeing Old Stuff in Charleston

Charleston VisitorA recent visitor is tired of only seeing old stuff in Charleston, and is demanding we get some “new stuff”.  Christopher Vincent of Boca Raton, Florida will not be one of our repeat visitors.  During his vacation last weekend, Mr. Vincent was very dismayed with the concentration of old, historical buildings in Charleston.  Mr. Vincent commented, “What’s up with all this old crap?  Would it kill ya to get a strip mall and maybe some fast food joints around here?  We got em in Florida, it’s not that difficult.

Mr. Vincent vowed to never return to Charleston unless we get rid of our historical homes and buildings.  He was obviously not aware that Charlestonians take a lot of pride in the preservation of these treasures.  We realize we may not be as architecturally “progressive” as Los Angeles or New York City, but most of us are OK with that. 

We caught up with Mr. Vincent after he returned home on Tuesday. We asked if he would perhaps give us a second chance and revisit our historical hometown. He replied, “Hell No I’m not coming back to that place!  It’s all…old this…historical that, antique shops, cobblestone streets, antebellum houses, blah, blah, blah.  Las Vegas got the message that new stuff is better than old, why can’t you people?” Then the phone line went dead, he hung up on us.

We contacted the resident expert tour company, Charleston Stroll’s, wanting to inquire if they have noticed a trend in new visitors wanting to see new stuff rather than old.  Tour guide John LaVerne commented, “We have explored the possibility of a ‘Charleston Outlet Mall Tour‘ as well as a ‘Charleston Mobile Home & Garden Tour’, but our research shows they wouldn’t be very popular. Our guests tend to enjoy history, 18th century architecture, historical churches, and our quaint alleyways.”  

Perhaps Charleston Strolls and the rest of our hospitality community are not listening to the needs of some of our visitors.  There is obviously a type of visitor that could care less about our historical homes and would prefer to see us add some modern touches.  Maybe the new wave of tourism should embrace something like, “Charleston, out with the old, in with the new”.