Andrew is a 13th generation Charlestonian that left his job as a high school history teacher to become a tour guide. By day he is managing Charleston Carriage Works and by night, he’s out giving amazing tours for us here at Bulldog Tours. On days off, he can be found hanging out with his best friend Emma, a black lab.


Beth is technically a Yankee but she’s earned her status as an honorary Southerner. After years as a psychologist in Boston, she opted to move to Charleston and only deal with happy people on vacation. In addition to being an amazing tour guide, she’s also an artist and her works can be seen in art galleries around town.


A native of the Lowcountry, Lauren operates her own unauthorized private zoo with rescued animals from all over Charleston. At any given time you can find numerous dogs, cats, birds, turtles, chickens, possums, horses, or raccoons at her house. She is currently a student at the College of Charleston but will soon be a student at MUSC’s nursing program. Until then, Lauren graces our office with style, charm, and a gift of helping people enjoy their Charleston experience to the fullest.

Valerie Stowe

Compliments of the US Army, Valerie was raised in Ft. Benning, GA. She gave up her gig as a snack machine delivery driver on the Army base and now drives her Adventure Sightseeing bus like a BOSS!


Our resident office comedian is from Greer SC and the proud parent of three fur babies. Her biggest claim to fame is that her nieces and nephews love her the most! FYI – that’s the Morris Island Lighthouse she has between her fingers.


Gordon became a licensed Tour Guide here in Charleston after years of ridicule from his family for providing a running commentary on the historical Information and odd facts of whatever place they were visiting. He now gets paid to share his wisdom as one of the best ghost and history tour guides in town. He is also a part time purveyor of coffee and can be found in his office that’s located in what was once Grace Piexotto’s infamous house of ill-repute, The Big Brick.


Maggy is a native of the other Charleston, the one in West Virginia, but she thankfully headed south to raise her husband, three kids, and her very hungry cat. Carriage tour guide by day and an amazing ghost tour guide by night!


When your parents name you after Charleston (they dropped the letter ‘e’), you know you’ve got this town in your blood. After graduating from Clemson University, Charlton moved back home to pursue his dream of being a local tour guide. And when not giving tours, he can be found at The Citadel where he’s working on his Master’s degree. FYI – People say he looks like Dexter (the serial killer from the TV show of the same name) but we can assure you, he’s a swell guy.


Not a native of Charleston but she got here as soon as she could.  By day she’s either in her garden our giving tours for Old South Carriage Company.  By night she is one of the best ghost tour guides in town.


Randy is a recovering attorney, a native Charlestonian, a monarchist and a writer with a passion for history. Among his heroes are Edgar Allen Poe, Dubose Heyward and the Earl of Shaftesbury.