Food Tours

Charleston is known for many things, and food is on the top of the list! The Holy City boasts a culinary school, renowned chefs, and countless incredible restaurants. From seafood to steak to Southern soul, the Lowcountry has it all. If you haven’t eaten your way through Charleston before, you are in for a treat — and we can’t wait to show you the ropes. The mission of Charleston Food Tours is to promote South Carolina local artisan growers and producers and to help preserve South Carolina’s rich culinary heritage. Come join us for an exclusive culinary adventure where you will experience South Carolina’s distinctive food and warm hospitality. As stated by the Columbus Dispatch, expect to “come away with a small encyclopedia’s worth of knowledge!”

We have four different tasty tours to choose from:


Savor the Flavors of Charleston Tour

Learn about the evolution of Charleston cuisine in 2.5 hours. Expect a nibble of a few of Charleston’s absolute essentials: grits, benne wafers, local gourmet chocolate, Southern pralines, sweet tea, collard greens, and Lowcountry barbecue.

Charleston Chef’s Kitchen Tour

This 2.5 hour walking tour begins with coffee and artisan pastries and takes you to (and through) some of the restaurants responsible for Charleston’s culinary renaissance.

Charleston Dessert Tour

Join us as we visit the finest dessert places frequented by Charleston locals. Indulge in samples from culinary artisans that create one-of-a-kind delectable treats. Experience a tasting time travel as you sample 18th-century style desserts, present day flavorful confections and everything in between.

Savor the Flavors of Upper King Street

See what the Upper King Street fuss is all about with this relatively new tour featuring bites from the trendy neighborhood’s most delicious spots.

Celebrity Chef Experience

Stroll along with us as we meet one of Charleston’s James Beard award-winning chef’s. See first-hand the dishes made from fresh ingredients straight from their garden.