Paranormal Investigations

Up for some ghost hunting? Join us for a Paranormal Investigation Tour of the Old City Jail. We’ll measure cold spots with our infrared thermometer. We’ll take detailed photos, and we’ll use special audio equipment to pick up hidden sounds. Using our spirit box, EMF meter, and ghost magnet, we’ll also try to pick up paranormal energies. Dare to enter the jail after hours for this traditional ghost hunt, and live to speak about it!

A little history: Built in 1802, the Old City Jail imprisoned some of the Lowcountry’s most infamous criminals, including the famous slave Denmark Vesey (who now has a statue in his honor located at Hampton Park, Charleston), 19th-century pirates, and the nation’s first female serial killer, Lavinia Fisher. Until the jail closed its doors as recent as 1939, an alleged sum of over 100,000 people died within its decrepit walls. Often overcrowded by as many as 200 people, it’s no surprise that disease, violence, and insanity crept in and lingered throughout the jail’s existence, adding to its intrigue and dark history.

Back to Lavinia Fisher: Many claim to have heard her voice speak (and some have recorded the voice) inside the jail in recent years. Well-known hotel owners, Fisher and her husband John were imprisoned for poisoning their guests then robbing them blind. When she was executed, she asked if anyone had a message for the devil, for she’d be seeing him in a moment. In 2011, the crew from Ghost Adventurers visited the jail, and to this day you can see the episode online where they ask her who she said she’d be seeing in a moment. She audibly responds, “The devil.”

Recent activity: Recent visitors also claim to have heard chains dragging on the ground as well as the random slamming of doors. Police have heard alarms go off for no reason at the jail, while neighbors swear that they regularly see apparitions in the windows. Bulldog tourists have stories of inexplicable lights appearing in their photographs. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this paranormal-inspired visit to the jail will give you something to think about before you go to sleep later on — if you can actually fall asleep!

**For ages 18 and up.**