The Darkside of Charleston Walking Tour

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Interested in the Dark Side of Charleston’s Past?
Take an uncensored look at Charleston’s true history — a history full of brothels, prostitutes, corruption, crime, scandal, and sordid affairs. While pastel-colored homes, sunshine, and southern hospitality reign supreme in the city, it’s not always champagne and mimosas. From hundreds of years ago to present day, Charleston has been a place where high society life is shadowed by scandals, temptations, and unruly behavior. In the underbelly of Charleston lay an unholy city indeed.

Whether it’s a fascinating story about a legendary brothel or a look back at ancient forms of punishment, find out what really went on in the streets of the Holy City. While it’s not exactly meant to scare the bejesus out of you, this UNCENSORED tour of Charleston’s treacherous past covers the seediness that existed here way back when and will certainly be an eye-opener.

Did Charleston have a red-light district? Why did prostitutes wear red shoes? Our licensed and experienced tour guides will take you on a fascinating 1½ hour walking tour of the Dark Side of Charleston, filled with a history you’ve probably never even considered before. There’s no other Charleston, SC walking tour like it!

Can you handle hearing the seedy history of Charleston and its dirty deed doers? Good.

NOTE: Because of the subject matter involved, this tour is restricted to adults 18 or over.

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Recent Comments

  • “It was great learning about the darker history of Charleston. – The tour was very informative” – Jill from Germany
  • “This is an extremely in-depth tour Deserves it’s R-rating, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Brad from Asheville, NC
  • “The tour was fascinating He was extremely knowledgeable, humorous, and was happy to answer our questions.” – Anna from Willingboro, NJ