The Uptown Walking Tour

Explore some of Charleston’s most charming neighborhoods with the only historic walking tour that starts from the Visitor’s Center. Enjoy the beauty of dwellings, hidden gardens, and holy places as a certified guide shares the stories and traditions of a city rich in history. The two-hour tour offers a great introduction to your visit in the city and concludes at the City Market. The City of Charleston offers free shuttle transportation for your return to the Visitor’s Center at your leisure.

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Highlights includes:

  • 300+ years of Charleston’s rich history
  • Mansions, gardens, cobblestone streets, and houses of worship in the picturesque neighborhoods of Mazyckborough, Wraggborough, and Ansonborough
  • Charleston’s oldest home: The William Rhett House of 1712
  • The replica of the HL Hunley, the first submarine to sink an enemy ship in naval history
  • Emanual African Methodist Episcopal Church
  • The City Market

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