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Experience the chilling tales of the city through TWO of Charleston’s most haunted locations. Join the only tour company in the city who is daring enough to enter these spots — the oldest graveyard in Charleston and the Provost Dungeon. Take a walk through the city while hearing creepy stories and legends dating back to the late 1600s. You’ll hear about the unruly pirates and Colonial patriots who were imprisoned at the Provost Dungeon and you’ll learn about old Charleston elites who have found their final resting place inside the city’s oldest graveyard. Why choose one when you have the option to tour two?
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Experience a guided tour of the oldest graveyard in Charleston.

Hear about Charleston’s spirits and gruesome tales:

  • The ghost of Sue Howard, a grieving mother who prays at the grave of her dead child from the spirit world. We’ve got the picture to prove it!
  • Tales of being buried alive! Doctors in old Charlestowne didn’t take chances with contagious diseases. Fall unconscious in a hospital, wake up in a grave!
  • Learn why the terms saved by the bell and graveyard shift were coined. You’ll be glad you weren’t around when they were!
  • The Provost Dungeon, located in the Old Exchange building on Broad and East Bay Streets, once housed prisoners during the Revolutionary War.
  • Jailed for either treason or sedition, hundreds of prisoners were held there in the building, with some undoubtedly spending their final days there.

Don’t forget your flash cameras! You never know what phantom images you can capture…

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